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The Crossover Worship Collective Experience:

A Collective of Worship Leaders, Creatives, and Musicians.

A two day, three nights collective of creatives; emerging leaders, poets, artisans and producers; hosted by Progressive Deliverance Ministries. Expressed through collaboration innovative circles of thought for leaders; small and large gatherings; friendships will be forged. The Crossover Worship Collective Experience is a Conference that provides creatives the opportunity to learn, grow, and refresh in their gifts while collectively collaborating with other creatives without any restraints of leading others.This conference was created realizing the challenges and struggles facing many in worship ministry on a daily basis.


Throughout the Crossover Worship Collective Experience, one will be inspired, refreshed, equipped and motivated to take their ministry to the next level. This conference includes creative breakout sessions daily on Friday, September 20th, & Saturday September 21st, with World Class facilitators teaching on worship, musicianship, leadership, songwriting, music production, finances, and mental health. The conference breakout sessions are power packed with various themes and topics sure to enhance one's growth and development in music and ministry. 


This Crossover Worship Collective Conference is for writers, musicians, designers, dreamers, sculptors, photographers, illustrators, composers, singers, dancers, artists, pastors, and thinkers… If you are human, this conference is for you!




There will be plenty of planned(and spontaneous!) special moments.


Trainingin breakout sessions for various artistic disciplines led by world class experts in their field.

These will be intimate, hands-on life-changing experiences.

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